Cyclone: Roofing Material, Shape & Installation

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Roof Designs

Roof design may seem straightforward, but there are many things to consider when selecting one for your home or when moving into a new house. Roofs exist for more than just aesthetic purposes; they are also critical for the structural integrity of your house.

For a wind-resistant roof, the ability to withstand gale force winds, updrafts and downdrafts is the first thing to tick off. The roof styles to help endure high-speed winds are ones with specific shapes — like hip roofs.

Roof Detailing

The northern coastlines of Queensland can often face incredibly high winds in mid to late summer, which can cause severe damage to roofs of local homes. Roof damage is often due to a ‘suction force’ – which causes stress on a roof as wind changes in velocity and speed.

Roof strength is determined by a number of factors. A roof can be strengthened by effective reinforcing plates under the heads of the roofing screws and well installed roof screws to batten. One House has utilised features such as cyclonic roofing fasteners that help the cladding resist larger gusts than standard fixings and can be inspected more easily throughout the season to ensure their efficacy.

Luckily, the cost differences between standard roof fixings and cyclonic fasteners are minimal – with only a slight increase to better ensure roof safety with cyclone-rated screws, but you need to make sure that the connections below the roof are also capable of carrying the loads.

If your house was built before the mid-1980s in Queensland, it may not have been built to cyclonic building standards and therefore may not have appropriate connections to resist cyclonic winds. It is recommended that you have your roof inspected by a qualified building practitioner to advise you whether your metal or tile roof has appropriate connections.

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April 8, 2022

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Cyclone Resilience Benefit

Natural hazard resilience has long been a focus for Suncorp, with many other initiatives both existing and in progress. Suncorp Insurance’s Cyclone Resilience Benefit was introduced in 2016 and is available for eligible Home Insurance customers in North Queensland. Customers who undertake eligible upgrades to their home’s cyclone readiness may get a reduction on their Suncorp Home Insurance premium4.

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An Australian first for Home Insurance. It’s our commitment to help create more resilient homes. It means that if your home is substantially damaged, we’ll rebuild it stronger with recommended resilience options up to $10,000, in addition to your sum insured, all designed to help withstand severe weather5.

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