Building a stronger Queensland

Resilience Rd Street sign
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As extreme weather events become more frequent, it’s important that the homes on every street, neighbourhood and community become as strong as they can be.

Following are a few Suncorp initiatives to put Queensland on the road to resilience.

One House to Save Many

One House to Save Many
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Along with leading scientists and industry experts, we architecturally designed ‘One House to Save Many’, a house that could help withstand Queensland’s extreme weather events.

The learnings from this were used to make the homes on Resilience Rd the strongest they can be. Taking inspiration from the iconic Queenslander, the results from the One House project enabled us to qualify specific design principles and demonstrate how clever use of design and material selection can dramatically increase the resilience of a home.

The upgrades to each of the homes on Resilience Rd have been specifically selected to help withstand extreme weather events, such as bushfires, floods, and cyclones.

Building Resilience


See how you can build more resilience into your home and protect it in the event of extreme weather.

Resilience Renos

From the simple to the complex, see which upgrades can help protect your home.

The Residents

Discover the stories of people who live on Resilience Rd.

Putting Queensland on the road to resilience

Cyclone Resilience Benefit

Natural hazard resilience has long been a focus for Suncorp, with many other initiatives both existing and in progress. Suncorp Insurance’s Cyclone Resilience Benefit was introduced in 2016 and is available for eligible Home Insurance customers in North Queensland, providing reduced premiums for customers who undertake building improvements to prepare for cyclones4.

Build it Back Better

An Australian first for Home Insurance. It’s our commitment to help create more resilient homes. It means that if your home is substantially damaged, we’ll rebuild it stronger with recommended resilience options up to $10,000, in addition to your sum insured, all designed to help withstand severe weather5.

A message from our CEO

Steve Johnston
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Watch this video from Steve Johnston our Suncorp Group CEO, outlining the importance of Resilience Rd.